Sunday, November 11, 2012


Madeleine Wickham aka Sophie Kinsella

At first I don't really know who is she and anything about the novel.. But 1 day I was bored and got nothing to do.. I told my husband about it and he ask me to find something, anything to do.. So, I decided to go to the library and find something nice to read.. I saw Gosip Girls Novel but in Spanish and I saw Twilight Novel as well and also in Spanish language.. So, ofcoz I don't take it as I don't speak Spanish.. LOL.. And actually I bought the set of Twilight already.. I had them couple years ago, but haven't read yet as I find it quite difficult to understand that time.. LOL

So, As I continue looking for the good 1.. then I found this ! Sophie Kinsella's Novel.. The Gatecrasher.. This is my first english novel that I read.. It's really good to read for a person like me who's not really gud in english.. Her writing is really easy to understand..and I also found out that Sophie Kinsella actually famouse.. She known with her Shopaholic Series Novel.. :D so, for those who not so gud in English can learn a lot form it n I'm sure u guys can simply improve ur English by reading her novel or anything in English ofcoz.. ;) after all.. People said.. If u want to learn any language.. All u need to do is to listen, read n talk a lot..

So, as I finish The Gatecrasher.. I feel like buying all her novel already.. It's how inspiring her novel is.. I'm not a person who like reading, seriously, but her novel just encouraging me to read again n again.. So, my husband download another novel for me.. The Tennis Party.. And like I told u.. I'm in love with her novel.. Seriously men.. After that my husband download another novel, Confessions of a Shopaholic n also I've Got Your Number but this time my husband download it in different version so Im not finish reading it.. As its not a book version so quite difficult to read them.. So, 1 day as we out to shopping complex and we pass by a book shop..I make a quick stop there to buy her novel my own.. And I choose to buy Coctail For Three n The Wedding Girl.. I really enjoy my self reading them.. And will buy another sometime.. I promise myself to buy all her novel.. LOL

I really recommend to all espatually to the girls out there to read her novel.. It's really helps those who not really gud in English n like to improve it.. And this novel suitable for teenagers ;) not really expensive though.. It's only cost me 39.90myr each.. :D 

And I also heard people talk about this novel.. Fifty Shades.. And when I buy Sophie Kinsella's last time I also saw they sell this novel in set.. Got 3 novel inside.. Fifty Shades Of Grey, Fifty Shades Darker n Fifty Shades Freed written by El James .. I'm looking forward to buy them sometime but i made my mind to finish all the Sophie Kinsella 1st.. ;)) 

Well, since I'm a full time housewife.. I'm gonna make reading as a hobbies for me :D
Hope u guys will start reading too.. XOXO ;)

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